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Antisemitism and The Labour Party – the historical facts behind the rhetoric and problem with rhetorical statements

To unpick what is going on and start to solve the problem, we need to step back and gain perspective…. If we cannot discuss our differences without taking up grandstanding and hysterical positions, we have only ourselves to blame when the problem gets worse.
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Two paperbacks on study skills (How To Learn)

Both either paperback or Kindle

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All roads lead to Rome

If an elephant trod on your foot you would probably be impressed with its power and size, but you wouldn’t necessarily wish to develop a long term relationship. Visiting Rome can be very similar.  The architecture is essentially bullying, bearing … Continue reading

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University essays marked by computer

Let’s follow the logic of this. A student receives an essay title. They’ve attended the lectures and seminars, done the reading, discussing and thinking, so now they type out their thoughts in essay form and press SEND. A few seconds … Continue reading

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Sixth paperback just out … Chapter 3 Differences and how we respond to them Sherry Turkle is professor at MIT and author of The Second Self: computers and the human spirit. She took her 14 year old daughter to see an exhibition on Darwinism … Continue reading

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A Measured Response

Paperback and Kindle from Amazon Opening Chapter: Enter stage right, trudging. The moon rose on Ed Ormaloid. Not that he’d been sleeping. Not exactly. He arose unsteadily from a tarmac surface. Fragments clung to his cheek and made small indentations, … Continue reading

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Managing Teachers in FE

paperback and kindle on Amazon Extract: As so often in any context involving social interaction, there is no single solution to any problem, even if we had a single definition of what the problem might be. There is no role … Continue reading

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